Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sleep, Eat, Bike, School, Eat, Bike, Sleep!

This is the schedule that I am ruled by! And not necessarily in that order since at this point I seem to be sacrificing my eating and sleeping more then other things, which is never a good option. I have been training a lot and have found the Great Plains Trails Network around Lincoln to be awesome for riding on. Heres some pics from riding.

On a SWEET note: My friend Travis has officially got his ticket to fly out here to Lincoln and is going to be riding the whole tour with me. I'm very Excited! Also, I have invested in some adventure cycling route maps so that we will have more of an exact plan to follow. Only 6 weeks until we take off so there is still lots of planning to happen before then.

For one thing this week Paul Yates from Tiny Hands International, Scott Larson (my PR man), and myself are going down to cycle works to meet with the owner. Scott has written up a proposal that will basically ask the cycle works company to completely support the tour and in return we will advertise for him by having the cycle works logo connected to all the gear, posters, ect. Pray that God's hand is in on this meeting also since this decision will have a huge impact on the tour in a really positive way or a really negative way.

Well, I'm off to write up a lab report! Have a great week everyone!