Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bill's Feed Shop

Janna and Travis are staying at Bill's Feed Shop in Beaufort, MO for the night. They're getting really close to Illinois!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Katy Trail

Janna and Travis made it to Treloar, MO. It's 12 degrees there and they have been riding on the Katy Trail along the Missouri river. It's beautiful but freezing!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Day of Rest

Today, on the seventh day of their journey, Travis and Janna rested with the lovely ladies of the Marshall Seventh-day Adventist church near Sweetsprings, Missouri. The heroic pair is planning to attend church there tomorrow and then start riding again after potluck. Pray that the weather holds up and that they continue to meet amazing folks along the way willing to make their journey easier.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 4 Update!

 Janna and Travis had their first bike maintenance issue and had to go 20 miles off route today to make it to the closet bike shop which eded up being in Kansas City, MO. The issue was that Janna snapped her shifter cable and had to get a new one put on. They have taken off their studded tires and tomorrow that should help to speed things up. Janna dn Travis are sleeping in a park by the Missouri river and it's pretty chilly. Janna and Travis are behind schedule, but are planning on playing catch-up tomorrow.

Keep praying!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 3

Well we just finished day 3 of our tour and are in Atchison, KS for the night. The Smith's have taken us in for the night and they feed us tons of great food. We traveled 50miles today. Still going kind of slow due to the big tires and I still feel pretty sick but we are hoping for a better day 2marrow! =)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fighting the Traffic update

It was a rough day with lots of ups and downs, with a few torturous hills that Janna had to push her bike up.  Whoever said Nebraska is flat, hasn't seen this portion of it!   Janna and Travis started out the morning from Peru, NE, riding in about an inch of snow with a very cold night behind them.  They made it to Brownville, NE, where there was really nothing except a church having services.  They stopped in there and used the facilities and the people shared some food with them.  Then they proceeded on their route through a section that supposedly (via the NE Highway website) was clear for traffic now on Route 73.  The bridge was still out and under construction, but Janna and Travis rode their bikes across the dry riverbed and through the construction zone to the other side.  Janna got hit with a stomach virus and was vomiting off and on through the day which slowed their progress.  They made about 45 miles and stopped in Rulo, NE, where they got hot food at a small bar and set up camp by the river.  Temps are better tonight, around 30 degrees.  The studded tires are slowing them down quite a bit too, although glad they had them yesterday and this morning.  Will probably change them out in the next day or so as they get further south.

First Stop- Peru, Nebraska

We received our first word from Janna on the tour!

After pedaling for exactly 7 hours and burning 1400 calories, Janna and Travis have made their first stop in Peru, Nebraska. With some snowy weather and the studded tires on their bikes slowing them down more than they had anticipated, they didn't get as far as they had hoped. But with over 100 lbs. of gear on their bikes, the 69.25 miles traveled today was quite a feat! The excitement that still remained in her voice after such a long day was a conquest in and of itself!

At one point, Janna said she was pedaling in her lowest gear when she said she lost a tad bit of momentum and had to put her foot down. Consequently, she had to get off her bike and take it on a nice 1/4 mile stroll up a "massive hill" (her words). :) 

The trail they will be traveling on tomorrow is a rough trail with lots of gravel and bumps. It will be another long day with some rough terrain, but she still remains excited about the days to come! Hoping they have a warm and rested night tonight in their tent!

Stay tuned for more information as their bike tour continues! Thanks for all your support!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tour Take Off

Well, the day has come that we will be taking off. We are leaving from Bike Pedalers tomorrow morning at 9:30am. We will be taking highway 2 towards Nebraska City and then off into Missouri. Travis flew in from Maine a few nights ago and we both got all our gear set up tonight. Keep us in your prayers as we undertake this endeavor.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fighting the Traffic Tour

Things are becoming more and more official. Only 15 days til take off! Check out our facebook page and become a fan. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Fighting-the-Traffic-Tour/166108093427365?v=wall. If you'd like to make a donation to Tiny Hands then visit http://www.tinyhandsinternational.org/ then click on the donate tab and you'll be able to donate specifically to the Fighting the Traffic Tour. All proceeds go directly to help fight sex trafficking in Nepal. It only takes $23 to save a girls life. Please help save a life and donate today!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sleep, Eat, Bike, School, Eat, Bike, Sleep!

This is the schedule that I am ruled by! And not necessarily in that order since at this point I seem to be sacrificing my eating and sleeping more then other things, which is never a good option. I have been training a lot and have found the Great Plains Trails Network around Lincoln to be awesome for riding on. Heres some pics from riding.

On a SWEET note: My friend Travis has officially got his ticket to fly out here to Lincoln and is going to be riding the whole tour with me. I'm very Excited! Also, I have invested in some adventure cycling route maps so that we will have more of an exact plan to follow. Only 6 weeks until we take off so there is still lots of planning to happen before then.

For one thing this week Paul Yates from Tiny Hands International, Scott Larson (my PR man), and myself are going down to cycle works to meet with the owner. Scott has written up a proposal that will basically ask the cycle works company to completely support the tour and in return we will advertise for him by having the cycle works logo connected to all the gear, posters, ect. Pray that God's hand is in on this meeting also since this decision will have a huge impact on the tour in a really positive way or a really negative way.

Well, I'm off to write up a lab report! Have a great week everyone!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bike Tour 2010

   So many people are wondering exactly what my plans are for this epic bike tour that I am planning on doing; so I thought I would start blogging about it. Obviously, I'm not leaving right now so for now I will keep everyone up-to-date on my training and how fundraising is going. 

   This idea got stuck in my head a few weeks ago when I went to the Lied center here in Lincoln to hear Ben Skinner speak at the Global Issues Conference about slavery in the world today. He is the author of a crime so monstrous and has traveled all over the world to find people who are in slavery today and write their individual stories to help raise awareness of this issue. Just like Stalin said: "1 million dead men is a statistic, but 1 dead man is a tragedy." Hearing him speak got me really fired up. There is more slavery in the world today then there has ever been in earths history. The actual number is right around 27 million slaves today. That is insane. This is an issue that we have swept under the rug because although its everywhere its "nowhere". Since we don't see people selling other people on the corner of the street we assume they aren't being sold anywhere, and this is where we are so wrong and so nieve.

   After hearing him speak I realized that I don't want to just be aware of this issue but I want to be an activist. I want to help stop this issue. That night I couldn't sleep one wink and I kept thinking about a way that I could get involved. I got up since I couldn't sleep and was fiddling around with trying to get a plane ticket home for christmas and couldn't find any for less then $500 and was frustrated. I thought jokingly that: oh, i should just ride my bike home for christmas because that'll be cheaper. And then it hit me! This was how I could get involved. I decided that I would ride my bike home for christmas, from NE to FL, and that I would do presentations, ect. to help raise awareness and sponsorships for this endeavor. 

   When I shared this idea with Mr. Blake he told me about this organization based right here out of Lincoln called Tiny Hand International (tinyhandsinternational.org). This organization is awesome because all the money they raise goes strait to stopping women from being trafficked across the boarder of Nepal into India. They literally have people standing on the boarder that watch people come and go and have the right to stop and question people who look suspicious or have a girl with them that looks like she shouldn't be with them. They have rescued thousands of girls. I met with Paul Yates who heads things up here on this end in Lincoln and he shared with me their vision. It is a Christian based non-profit organization and they not only stop these girls from being trafficked they also have 8 children's homes that they are able to place up to 15 kids in at a time. They also have a home for street boys so that they don't grow up to end up being traffickers. 

   I am very excited about doing this tour to sponsor Tiny Hands. I still don't know exactly how we are going to do it but I am thinking about asking people to either sponsor me per mile that I ride or to do a $20 dollar sponsorship since that's how much it costs to help stop a girl from being trafficked across the boarder. 
As far as the biking goes I have begun training and have been riding everyday. I'm trying to get some gear sponsorships from local bike stores so that it won't cost much. I am getting a touring bike since the bike I have isn't made for such a long journey. My friend Travis G. will be flying here from maine to do the ride with me. We will leave Lincoln on Dec. 17th and hopefully arrive in Tampa by Jan. 3rd. 

    If you want to sponsor this journey to help stop slavery please feel free to contact me through this blog or at my email janna.buttrick@gmail.com. Look for more updates coming soon. =)

Sunday, July 25, 2010


If only we would learn to listen while we pray. Prayer is a conversation, is it not? Then why so often do we send up a ton of requests to God and then peace out. Thats like asking your parents if they'll help you do something but then leaving the room before you get a reply. The more I think about this the more I have been convicted about my own relationship with God and my personal prayer life.

Right now I am trying to listen but I am afraid of what i might hear. I feel as though there are going to be some big changes in my life very soon and I can feel the sands shifting. Although I'm scared I am also ready for it. I've felt uncertain about my future or what God wants for me for so long that I'm excited to learn and seek so that I can receive the peace that God has to offer when we're on the path He has planned for us.

Pray for me as I continue this journey. Oh, and today is the beginning of Teen camp and the end of Blind camp. All is still going well. Only 2weeks of camp left. CRAZY! Then less then 3weeks until May gets married. =) So many exciting things happening right now. I'm going to try and catch a nap before the teens arrive...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nate Stoll Prayer Chapel

Here is a few pictures of the beautiful new Nate Stoll Prayer Chapel at Camp Lawroweld. Rest in Peace Nater. You are loved and missed. See you soon Friend!

Junior Camp One - Lawroweld

Camp is in full swing now. We've just finished our first week with campers. So far so good. Lawroweld is beautiful this year as always. Maine has always held a special place in my heart and always will. This is my 6th summer working at camp and my 15th summer being here. :) I always say that I'm going to do something different next summer, get a good paying job, ect. But, Lawroweld has this way of drawing you back in each year. I love it here. The sun shines down through the tall birch trees and a slight breeze comes off the lake rustling all the leaves. Birds chirp high in the trees and the sound of laughing children echos off the lake. At night the sky becomes lit up with millions of stars. There are no cities nearby and therefore no light to take away from the beauty of the stars. The lake is a fresh mountain cool and is crisp and refreshing as you dive in. I love this place and always will.

Junior one was a success! We only ended up with 26 kids for the week which was disappointing but it gave us more one on one time with the kids and I think that all of them had an amazing week. I started a new small group thing in the morning. We meet in the Nate Stoll Prayer Chapel, dedicated to my good friend Nate who worked here for many years with me that passed away this spring in a motorcycle accident. We've never had anything like this before and I think there was a few kids that really enjoyed it. From 7-8 I stay in the prayer chapel and kids can come and go as they please. We have a wailing wall set up in there and its been really awesome. The kids will come in and write their prayers and stick them in the wall and then take out someone else's prayers and pray for them. Every morning I've been teaching them a different concept of prayer and its been a true blessing to me also. I have learned so much in the process of teaching the kids. The Lord is really working in my life right now and I am being blessed.

Its sunday and Junior two will be starting this afternoon. We are suppose to have more campers this week and that would be awesome. I am the rock wall director this summer and its been going well. I ordered some new equipment and its pretty sweet. The kids are doing great with their climbing. During the time trial races this week I had a camp get up the 1st wall in 20sec. That beat my best time of 21sec. lol. He was great!

Well, I'm off to soak up some sun on the docks before campers begin arriving again! :)