Friday, February 25, 2011

 We opened our play last night at union college. We are doing The Dining Room by A.R. Gurney. It went really well and I am loving it! We will be performing 5 more times. Our performances will be Saturday - 8pm, Sunday - 2pm, Thursday - 7 pm, Saturday - 8pm, and Sunday - 2pm. Everyone should come out to see it.

In these particular photos we are performing the birthday party scene. Everyone, except for Desi, on the far right, is playing a little kid around the age of 6. It would have to be one of the funnest scenes to perform and one of the funniest to watch.

There are 6 actors/actresses in this play and we each play 8 to 10 characters. Myself, Desi, Tori, Pablo, James, and Stephen.

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